P2P File Sharing Software | Free Download

A peer-to-peer (shortened to P2P) computer network is actually one in which each and every laptop or computer in the network can act as a client or even server for the other computers in the network, allowing contributed access to various resources including computer files, peripherals, as well as sensors without the need for a central server. P2P networks may end up being set up inside the house, a company, or even through the web. Each network type usually requires almost all computers inside the network to make use of exactly the same or a compatible application for connecting to one another and gain access to files and other resources located on the other computer. P2P networks can end up being utilized for swapping content including audio tracks, movies, files, or even anything at all in a digital form.


BearShare is one of the best P2P file sharing software today. You can download for free below:

If the download link above is not working there is an secondary download link on the Free BearShare Download page.
You may also want to try iMesh which is also very good. Learn more about it on the Free iMesh Download page.

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